Learn how to help your community with utility related resources, such as:

  • Customer Assistance Programs
  • Avoiding High Bills
  • How To Handle Disconnections

The Commission is concerned that many District families may not be prepared for winter and winter-related events. This train the trainer event brings together representatives of utilities, District agencies and community leaders, to provide essential information on the type of resources that are available for District residents.

The Winter Ready DC event will consist of three panels: Utilities, Government Resources and Home Professionals/Contractors. It will provide panel participants the opportunity to discuss their efforts in preparation for the winter season particularly programs that help consumers avoid unexpected increases in utility bills.

  • The Utilities panel will focus on the utility’s overall preparation for the upcoming winter season and customer assistance programs that are available to assist District residents.
  • The Government Agencies panel will focus on governmental resources available to District residents that may require assistance with high utility bills during the winter months.
  • The Home Professionals/Contractors panel will provide practical, cost effective ways to winterize your home on a budget, and discuss the importance of caring for the pipes and heating systems in the home.

As a community leader, you can share the information learned with your constituents. Register today to reserve your seat!


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